9 misconceptions about Shia Islam that need to stop!


9 misconceptions about Shia Islam that need to stop!


“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you.” (The Holy Quran 49:13)

As Muslims, we already have enough Islamophobia and religious misunderstandings to occupy our lives until the end of time. Therefore the misunderstandings and bigotry that happen within our own communities is baffling and honestly quite sad, often targeted at the smaller and often more marginalized Shia Muslim communities. The amount of times I’ve come out as Shia to my non-Shia friends and have them either explode in anger or silently shake their heads in disrespect is uncountable, and unfortunately this happens to many of us on a daily basis. In a small attempt to clear out the misunderstandings and help foster a new environment of dialogue and open discussion, here are some of the most common misunderstandings of Shia Muslims that I’ve come across:

1. Shia Muslims don’t pray to God

This may come as a surprise, but there are a shockingly high amount of Muslims who have somehow been convinced that Shia Muslims do not pray to God (Astaghfirullah), and instead pray to Imam Ali or Imam Hussein or somehow do not pray to any entity at all. This is completely false. The main belief of all Muslims is the belief in One God, and God only. Shia Muslims, including all Muslims, believe in one God and pray to Allah five times a day if not more. We love God just as much as any other Muslim, and to assume that we do not pray to God is very offensive, and a blatant example of extreme bigotry.

2. Shia Muslims have a different Quran

This accusation is often easier to disregard and disprove, however is still unfortunately a highly popular misconception. The misconception that Shia Muslims read a different Quran is completely false. There is only one Quran, and one of the miracles of our religion is the preservation of the original Quran recited by Prophet Mohammad. Many have tried to convince me that Shia Muslims instead read some sort of distorted Quran made in Iran somewhere, however simply walk into any Shia Muslim centre near you and check the copies of the holy Quran on the shelf. We all (Alhamdulillah) read the same Quran.

3. Shia Muslims don’t pray the required five prayers a day

This is one of the most common misconceptions, and is used as an attack on Shia Muslims when it is absolutely not true. The five daily prayers that all Muslims perform is a requirement, and is a devotional form of love and respect to God. Shia Muslims pray the required five prayers a day. The only difference is the timings of prayer. We pray the five prayers but split it up into three times a day. The reasoning for this is because the Quran only mentions three times of prayer during the day. Sunni scholars agree that the Quran mentions only three times for prayer, however keep to praying five times of day based on hadith. So the only difference is the timings of prayer, and it is completely false to accuse Shia Muslims as not praying the required five daily prayers. In addition, there are many Shia Muslims who actually pray five times of day similar to the Sunni school of thought. It is therefore not true to accuse Shia Muslims of somehow not praying the daily prayers required of all Muslims.

4. Shia Muslims pray to a rock

This misconception comes from the fact that Shia Muslims pray on a torba, a round piece of hardened clay that one touches to the forehead during sujood. Shia Muslims do not pray to a rock (Astaghfirullah). We believe that whilst doing sujood our foreheads must touch natural earth, and not something artificial. This is to help keep the practice of what Prophet Mohammad did during his prayer. Numerous hadiths stated when the Prophet lifted his head from prayer the mark of earth could still be seen on his forehead. We pray on pieces of natural clay in order to keep prayer as natural and original as possible. While there are many hadith that support this claim, here is one of the most common ones by the famous Sunni scholar Bukhari:

“The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘The earth has been made for me a place of prostration and a means of purification, so wherever a man of my Ummah is when the time for prayer comes, let him pray.'” Bukhari

5. Shia Muslims only love Imam Ali and Imam Hussein and not Prophet Mohammad

This accusation is very common and clearly shows a lack of knowledge on the part of those participating in this misconception. Shia Muslims have pride in loving the Prophet, as well as loving his family which he encouraged us to do. Loving the Prophet means to love his beloved family as well. We love Imam Ali because of his role in preserving the religion and his love for the Prophet. We also love Imam Hussein (as well as Fatima, Hassan, Zaynab, and the rest of the family) because of their devotion to the religion in which they gave up their lives for. Many of my Sunni friends have no idea who the Prophet’s family were, which I believe is a lack of understanding of a huge part of who the Prophet was. To love the Prophet is to love his family, and to love his family is to love the Prophet

“That is of which Allah gives the good news to His servants, (to) those who believe and do good deeds. Say [O Muhammad]: I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives; and whoever earns good, We give him more of good therein; surely Allah is Forgiving, Grateful.” (The Holy Quran 42:23)

6. Shia Muslims focus too much on Imam Hussein

This accusation is often used as an insult, which saddens me a level almost indescribable in words. I encourage all who do not have any knowledge on the Prophet’s grandson Hussein to read and understand who he was, both historically and religiously. Shia Muslims lament and remember his martyrdom, in which he was killed after standing up to corruption and injustice. Hussein’s body was mutilated and his severed head was displayed for all to fear. Imam Hussein’s family as well as other members of the Prophet’s family were chained and dragged to the Sham (modern day Damascus) to be held as prisoners in inhumane conditions. Both Shia and Sunni Muslims remember his death during the month of Muharram when he was killed, and the pilgrimage to his shrine in Karbala attracts more people yearly than the obligatory pilgrimage of Hajj. It is not only Shia Muslims who make this pilgrimage for Ashura, as hundreds of Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, and Sunni Muslims also commemorate his life and his stand against injustice by paying homage to his grave in Karbala.

7. Shia Muslims don’t rely on hadith or have unreliable hadith

This misconception is an unfortunate product of more than a thousand and a half years of suppression and smearing of the Shia community. To begin with, how to pray itself is completely based on hadith for both Sunni and Shia. If Shia Muslims did not rely on hadith, how would we be praying? We rely on famous Sunni scholars for hadith as well as our own hadith that many Sunni scholars have declared unreliable simply because it is from a Shia source. The misconception that all Shia hadith is unreliable must be understood as being simply untrue and a form of suppression. What makes Shia hadith unreliable? Many people will say that simply being “Shia” makes the hadith unreliable, but many cannot go further to describe why. This obviously is a blatant example of targeted suppression with no basis in truth or logical common sense. Many of our hadiths are taken from Ahlul Al Bayt, with many famous Sunni scholars agreeing on the importance of the Quran and Ahlul Al Bayt. The most famous hadith of the Prophet Muhammad:

“I am about to answer the call (of death). Verily, I leave behind two precious things (thaqalayn) amongst you: the Book of Allah and my Ahl al-Bayt. Verily, the two will never separate until they come back to me by the side of the Pond.”

This has been narrated by Al-Hakim al-Naysaburi, al-Mustadrak `ala al-Sahihayn (Beirut), volume 3, pages 109-110, 148, and 533); Muslim, al-Sahih, (English translation), book 031, numbers 5920-3; al­-Tirmidhi, al-Sahih, volume 5, pages 621-2, numbers 3786 and 3788; volume 2, page 219; Ahmad b. Hanbal, al-Musnad, volume 3, pages 14, 17, 26; volume 3, page 26, 59; volume 4, page 371; volume 5, pages 181-2, 189-190; al-Nasa’i, Khasa’is’Ali ibn Abi Talib, hadith number 79; and over 30 other Sunni scholars as well as Shia scholars of hadith.   

8. Shia Muslims all hate Sunnis or other non-Shia Muslims

This, similar to the previous misconception, is again used as a tool for dividing the differences and promoting hatred of the other. No, Shia Muslims do not hate Sunni Muslims or any other non-Shia Muslims. At the end of the day, we are all Muslims who believe in Allah and love the Prophet. Although there are differences, we all pray in the same direction, the same amount of times, to the same God, with the same amount of love for our religion. This misconception that we are closed minded or cut off from the rest of the Muslim community is false, and in fact we welcome dialogue and open discussions. Unfortunately it must be said that there are extreme on both sides which fuel sectarian hatred and must be stopped. The reality however is that there are numerous countries in which Shia and Sunni Muslims live side by side in peace and harmony: Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and others. There are Sunni and Shia marriages, friendships, coworkers, and children. This over-exaggeration of the hatred between Sunni and Shia Muslims is a result of mass media and sectarian politics, and it should be our duty to put an end to divisive and toxic misrepresentations of the two schools of thought.

9. Shia Muslims are all from Iran or support the Iranian government

Unfortunately this misconception comes almost unknowingly to many and many don’t seem to even realize they are making this misconception. Not all Shia Muslims are Iranian or support the Iranian government. Yes, the majority of Iranians are Shia. However the majority of Shia are not Iranian. There are Shia in Saudi Arabia, in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Morocco, in Nigeria, in South Africa, in India, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Turkey, in Malaysia, in Indonesia, in Singapore. There are Shia Muslims in every single continent on earth, with a colorful array of different cultures and backgrounds. To say all Shia are Iranian or support the Iranian government is to say all Sunnis are actually Saudi Arabian and support the Saudi monarchy. This of course, does not make any sense and is a misconception that can be easily disregarded.

These are but a few of the common misconceptions surrounding Shia Muslims on a daily basis, and although there are many more, this attempt was to foster an opening for further discussion between Shia and Sunni communities. Unfortunately these misconceptions are but a few that plagues our world. With extreme leaders on both sides spewing hatred and ignorant misconceptions to wide-eyed youth, many people resort to violence and hatred of the other without even knowing why.

In conclusion, I believe it is important to remember that the Holy Quran encourages us to learn and to know one another, no matter what background or culture or belief we come from. We should uphold this beautiful concept, and move forwards towards intelligent discussions and open minded questioning in order to better understand ourselves and other Muslims.

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  • The first thing you said about sunnis believing that shia don’t pray to God, could be in some way correct and you all Shia’s know that too, like every single Shia I know they quote of Ali (ra) Hussain(ra), barely ever quoting Prophet Muhammad (saw) or ever praising Allah. You guys do concentrate soo muchh on Ali and Hussain (ra). Like where the hell did this matam thing come from. Prophet Muhammad(saw) told us to only grieve for 3 days max. And everyone including Ali (ra) accepted to this, everyone knew this. Then why do you guys still do this matam thing, it came out of nowhere, none of the sahabas did it not even the prophet.
    And you all disrespect the sahabas soo muchh. Prophet Muhammad (saw) tells us that my companions(sahabas) are like stars follow any of them you will be guided. Prophet Muhammad(saw) loved Abu bakr and Umar and Uthman and Ali peace be upon all of them, he loved every single one of them, and if someone were to say something bad about them and curse at them, he would get angry. Now you guys say you follow the Prophet Muhammad(saw), then tell me how do you all do that by disrespecting the companions. Much more to say but it’s already long enough. Aight peace

  • I agree 100%. I couldn’t have said it better.

  • i completely agree, if all of the above is true then that means that all shias are Ahle Sunna Wal Jamaat (Sunni), however you didnt mention the fact that shia’s respect the diseased killer of SAYIDUNA UMAR (R.A) (abulua..the cursed persian), and you didn’t mention the fact that they HATE the two Shaykhain, SAYIDUNA ABU BAKR AS-SIDDIQ (RA) AND SAYIDUNA UMAR -E- FAROOQ (RA).

    • because they don’t deserve to be respected

    • well i wouldnt respect someone who stole Baghe Fidak from Bibi Fatima A.S i can keep going on and on about why i hate them and dont respect them for days

  • The one thing Islam will not escape is sectarianism. Know this.
    The less you follow the simple ways of Muhammad pbuh and more of what any imam said or what someone said some imam said then you’re side stepping the straight path. You have your own eyes and your own head so read and think.
    Loyalty to sunnism or shiaism is just another means of getting lost. You’re not Shia or sunni. You’re Muslim. You’re supoosed to be just Muslim. The origins of shiaism is nothing but politics influencing religion like it always does, sunnism is similar.
    The reason the prophet said he leaves you the quran and the hadith is so that you! You the Muslim will know where to go when everyone else is being an idiot. So that you can go to the quran and hadith rather than follow and swallow what your imam said. The best Muslim unidentifies with any sect, sunni or shia

    • Muhammad PBUH said that im leaving 2 things behind. you probably already know that stuff soo yeah. study a little more before coming and saying that. also use common sense. Muhammad PBUH was a perfect being with no sins. You thinka perfect ebiong would just leave bunch of uneducated ppl like omar and all without making selecting a new calipha?

  • Than why dont you add the name of those precious sahabas in darood shareef you recite in every prayer..without it your prayers are not accepted..you are sending darood to Mohammed PBUH and his family without even knowing it or grudgingly..clearly they are imp to be added in prayers..why aren’t the sahabas sent darood if they are so imp

    • Hassan Abdul Razzaq
      January 21, 2018 7:26 pm

      Lmafo! The main thing shia do is they hate our beloved sahaba, which is not even in this shity article xD dude go get some life & come to the right path..

      • Do you not consider Hazrat salman farsi,Hazrar miqdadibne Aswad, hazrat misame tammar, hazrat ammare yasir (who was killed in battle of siffeen by a companion of prophet) hazrat abuzar ghaffari who was exiled to Rabza…. The diffrence is that we do not consider victim and guilty both as Jannati…. The war wa between Haq VS batil not haw VS haq

  • He must be a Sahaba only from your point of view. He is nothing but an enemy of banu hashim.

  • My nabi said “my sahaba are like guiding stars. Muaawiyah is part of them so that means he is also guided. I will listen to what my nabi said n not to the shiahs


  • That post of 9 misconceptions of shia is so wrong its unbelievable, I am new muslim and I was with a shia for 2 years and we were gonna marry and they do hate the prophets family (pbut) especialy Aisha he wanted me to change my name as he and his family hated her, and it was Ali this and Ali that even having a cover photos Alis religion, and almadi this and that praisin and worshipin imams more than prophets and waitin for him him to come back and kill peopl who believ anything else other than shia faith ( what is that lo e peace? Wanted an imamn to wage a war on innocent peopl?) And they do hit themselfs maybe som not to draw blood but still they do hit themselfs, and he also wanted me to do muta alhamdulah I didnt do anything wrong with him but this what they do just tryin to sleep with many.
    And for the record i am not sunni or shia just a believin muslim in Allah and his prophets but he tried to make me shia so pls state facts and not bullxxxx thank u.

    • Also i forgot to mention they use Taqiyya not sure if i spelt correctly sorry, but they think its perfectly acceptable to lie and lie to somon they claimed to love and even gettin females to lie for them i didnt just see all this from him i talkd to other shias women and men and they believ its all ok to lie cheat to do sxx out of real marriage muta is not marraige its fake just to do sxx for there own gratifications nothing more i had lucky escape Allah saved me from anything haraam i hope he saves u all too.

      • You rock girl! Tell it how it is! Why didn’t the op talk about Mut’ah? About Taqiyyah? And why didn’t op talk about the original Qur’aan which al-Mahdi has concealed with him in the cave?

      • So sorry for your bad experience, the truth is Islam is a complete religion. one may take part of it and got lost. that’s the same for shia or sonny or any other believe system.
        I can tell you “Taqiyya” or “Mutaa” are a very special edge cases which should be done only based on special conditions. THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED ARBITRARY. a True shia should consider all those conditions. I encourage you and every one to study more about shia and don’t judge it by some one -who claims to be a shia- acts.

        • bismillaaah. im sorry no you cannot do mutah anymore. not ever. never again. ever. no special condition. alhamdulillaah i didnt marry a shia. i wasnt judging but the deeper you get the more uncomfortable you feel. the more you realised how wrong it is. it is sad whenever we see sunnis and shia during hajj together and i did wish things could be better. but there is right and wrong.

    • saddam hussain
      April 8, 2018 1:19 am

      Same thing happened with me i really love her but that girl only want to sleep with me i said marry me but she don’t n she only want my body thnx god that God save me from that girl shia don’t have rooh ka pyar they only have body ka pyar

  • Quran is book from God Almighty for all mankind. Those who accept and follow Quran are only Muslims.
    Those who accepts Quran with their lips but in hearts they do not follow are liars and hypocrites. Quran commands “Do not divide into sects.” Period All those divided in several sects like Sunni, Shia, Dev Bandi, Barailvee and what not are disobeying Quran and Quran has thrown them out of Islam fold.
    They may have Muslims names but they are non Muslims

  • Minhaj ul abidin
    June 13, 2017 4:32 pm

    Very well and appropriately written. I being a Sunni Muslim have come from back ground where we cry we love ahle bait we do zikr almost in every talk we have of ahlebait or related to ahle bait this division that 12 imams only belong shias is not the ideology of Sunni Islam but of kharji’s who are basically leading people to be separated from family of prophet in the disguise of tauheed and claiming everything to be biddah not realising that actually they themselves are ahlul biddah , we are actually following the salafs who loved the family of prophet more than their own families . (P.S I agree that today many many Sunni people are being misguided and have been driven so far that they don’t even recognize there imams . And it is sad may Allah subhanahu wataala guide this ummah to unity .) #love_ahlebait #oneummah.

    • Syed hanzala ali
      November 13, 2017 8:49 pm

      Yes sir you’re right the things here’s written are totally wrong this what the things are dividing us who told shia hate sunni and alhumdulillah i do have sunni friends who attents majlis at my house and i do attent milad we do love prophet(pbuh) even if they’ve listen our majlis maybe they know that we have been always mention him in our every majlis we dont pray to rocks we do pray to allah the only god whp created us shia sunni are divided by some foolish shia and sunni and inshallah soon this will get finish and shia sunni will be one inshallah
      #oneummah❤ #unity❤

  • I would add to my previous comments that the misconception you missed out, very famously Wahabis use the “Taqqiyah” card. They do not even what it is and do not even know that it is backed by Quran. Taqqiyah is hiding one’s faith in case of fearing persecution and death, and is only suppose to be practiced in extreme cases. Quran backs this up, and allows this in case of great danger.

    “Whoever disbelieves in Allah after his belief… except for one who is forced [to renounce his religion] while his heart is secure in faith. But those who [willingly] open their breasts to disbelief, upon them is wrath from Allah, and for them is a great punishment” – Surah 16 Verse 106 –
    This verse was revealed when the Prophet feared death from infidels and is noted in many Sunni books.

    Sahih Bukhari also recommends Taqqiyah in case of danger like fearing death and when being forced to.

    Another verse

    “And a believing man from the family of Pharaoh who concealed his faith said, “Do you kill a man [merely] because he says, ‘My Lord is Allah ‘ while he has brought you clear proofs from your Lord? And if he should be lying, then upon him is [the consequence of] his lie; but if he should be truthful, there will strike you some of what he promises you. Indeed, Allah does not guide one who is a transgressor and a liar.” – Surah 40 Verse 28 –

    It’s not the Sunni’s, it is the Wahabi sect which has increased over the years and vast majority of Sunni’s are now Wahabis and have changed their ways. There’s very less Ahle-Sunnat left, Sunni’s respect and believe in the Prophets progeny. It is the Wahabis who use such things to spread misconceptions, they do not even have education to find out for themselves that the Sunni sect themselves believe in most what Shias believe in and are documented in both Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslims. They do not even know the difference between asking from Allah and to fulfill the request for the sake of Prophet SAAW and Imam because they were pure and loved ones to Allah, Wahabis wants to keep spreading lies about Shia’s to keep their game going. It is just like how most Sunni’s go to religious leaders of mosques or people who they find practicing and ask them to make prayers for us, there’s really no difference and it is NOT associating partners to Allah because we ask from Allah SWT only and directly.

    • Saffan Hyder
      June 15, 2017 1:51 am

      Wahabis have precisely no religion.

    • The irony is, because of Salafist popularity of this term, Critics of Islam and Islamophobes have labelled all Muslims to be sinister liars who practice “Taqqiyah” as a means of Islamic deception.

  • The issue about these misconceptions are that they’re spread pretty much ONLY to invalidate the Shia islam. Most Sunni’s come up with this misconception but when asked why some Sunni’s drink and do not practice religion or why the Wahabis are killing Shias?. The FACT is that whatever sect you belong to, there will be some people who do NOT practice or do NOT practice properly, be it Sunni’s or Shia’s but to spread these misconceptions because they see the wrong practicing Shia is just like saying all Sunni’s are wrong because of the extremist racists who are killing Shias. It makes no sense but yet some Sunni’s use it to invalidate Shia. We follow the Quran, the same one that Sunni’s get.

    We worship only Allah but the same way you go to a mosque leader and leaders for Fatwa’s because you do not understand the real meaning of verses in Quran, that same way we rely on Imams sayings to derive the real meaning and follow their teachings. Prophet Muhammad SAAW appointed Imam Ali during Ghadeer event and many Sunni books also mention this. Imam Ali appointed rest the next Imam and that Imam appointed the next and so on. Why it started with Imam Ali?. Prophet Muhammad SAAW appointed him and here’s a verse from Quran proving leadership of Imam Ali

    “Your ally is none but Allah and [therefore] His Messenger and those who have believed – those who establish prayer and give zakah, and they bow [in worship].” – Al-Maida Verse 55 –

    It clearly says about go to no one but Allah and his Messenger and those who establish prayers and give alms in sujood “bowing”. Imam Ali has been the only person in history to give zakaat to a beggar during prostration by straightening his finger for the beggar to lift the expensive ring he wore. This has been quoted by many Sunni scholars and most hadith books that Sunni’s follow.

    Imam Ali grew up with Prophet Muhammad SAAW, was the first male who accepted Islam and who was present at all times when the verses of Quran were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad SAAW and hence believing that he was the best source of knowledge after Prophet Muhammad SAAW makes the most sense especially after he repeatedly appointed him and trusted everything to him including his life and beloved daughter. You guys forget that wealthy Sunni caliphs also asked for Fatima’s hand but he gave her hand to the poor Imam Ali who had nothing but faith and Prophet’s message to spread. Yes, we do believe that Prophet Muhammad progeny who have the best knowledge of Islam after the Prophet because they learnt it from him directly living with him. When his family taught the religion to their offsprings then they would be the next to know the correct Islam. No one ever disagrees that Prophet Muhammad SAAW asked to sent durwood with saying send blessing on me and my family, but yet these radical Sunni’s think NOTHING of his family.

    “And abide in your houses and do not display yourselves as [was] the display of the former times of ignorance. And establish prayer and give zakah and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet’s] household, and to purify you with [extensive] purification.” – Surah 33 Verse 33 – This is where Quran speaks about the Ahlul-Bayt, many Sunni traditions explain that this verse did NOT include wives but only blood relatives and people of the household.

    Shia and shia scholars condemn cursing any companions and caliphs but Umar did burn the house of Imam Ali which killed Bibi Fatima, the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad SAAW who he has spoken about saying whoever hurts Fatima has hurt me. This is validated in Sunni hadith books and stands true, Aisha also did start a war with Imam Ali that she lost and he returned her respectfully. It is NOT allowed in Islam for a women to act that way and especially go against someone that Prophet Muhammad SAAW had appointed only to try to gain power.

    Misconceptions about Shia’s are only spread to invalidate the true religion, Imam Ali and Imam Hussain are spoken about even today and in the past by many philosophers and even scientists who came to a final agreement that Shia islam is the correct way after learning about Quran and Imam’s teachings that he laid out years ago before they were validated by science. The amount of people and people of different religions that come down to honor Imam Hussain’s shrine is in millions, no other person in history has been written about or honored that way. Imam Ali was born INSIDE the Ka’aba for a reason. Lastly, we do NOT ask from Imam’s we ask from Allah but from the sake of Prophet and Imams because they’re his loved and pure ones, this is just like asking a religious leader or a good practicing person to make prayers for you because they are more practicing and purified than you. The reason we do this is because we believe that only Prophets and Imams are pure so we ask for their sake and from their behalf so that Allah SWT grants us. We ONLY ask Allah SWT and no one else. We prostrate to mud because that is the natural earth where the Prophet Muhammad SAAW prostrated and we can also prostrate on natural things like a leaf or derived from tree like paper/tissue. This also has a significance because we must remember in Sujood that we were made of clay and that’s where we’ll go back and always stay grounded reminds of who made us.

    • well said, May Allah reward your efforts.

    • dont exploit quranic ayats with your limited akal .

    • you cannot even say ya muhammad in Islam since he was mortal and you all live with ya ali and y ahussain madad .. shirk shirk and pure shirk . Quran menitoined ” teh best example for Mankind is Muhammad amongst you all” 33:21 you want Hazrat Hussian to act as a competitor to his Grandfather .. kufar and nothing else
      Did Quran tell to do pilgrimage and take pride in the fact millions visit the shrine, to offer fatiha they can not to replace the pilgrimage to mecca as Kabah was built by Adam and later instructed to Ibrahim AS to take care of the pilgrims and do the tawaf ..

      You jahile mutliq , by God if i would have been born in a Shia Family i would have denounced it . Hazrat Usman married Hazrat Ruqqaya daughter of Muhammad (SAW) , do you really think he would have done anything wrong to direct descendant of the prophet.

      Unfortunately the enitire history of muslims is doubtful and alot of historians shared stuff that the modern historians dont accept starting in the 8th century

  • Tara Qistina
    May 17, 2017 11:15 am

    The reason why there are such misconceptions is because some of the extreme sectors of Shia are seen cursing Abu Bakr r.a., Umar r.a., Aisha r.a. and other companions and wives of the Prophet s.a.w., which makes it very saddening indeed. There are others like the shahadah which includes cursing them and the difference in the adhan. Ali r.a. was not the only companion of the Prophet s.a.w., Abu Bakr r.a., Umar r.a., Uthman r.a. they all went through alot and sacrificed alot as well, to get Islam to where it is now. The fact that Ali r.a. was praised so much, and the other companions are cursed, that triggers the negative impression. Do not like over praise only Ali r.a., for it is Allah who created humans and to Allah is all praise. Of course, Ali r.a. was such a loyal companion who sacrificed alot, but he does not need your praise to the extent that he is put at a stage higher than Rasulullah s.a.w., to the extent that you only remember Ali r.a. and Hussein r.a. and forget Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w. Yes, there are some who do not do such things, so this means we are not to judge anyone, just leave it all to Allah. Remember, Allah is the Most Merciful, Most Forgiving and He is the Judge.

    • Totally on the point! Only the word ‘extreme’ needs to be changed. It is actually the mainstream twelvers that do this.

  • Sunnis arguing with Shias are just like Christians arguing with Muslims. Sunnis have hundreds of misconceptions just as Christians do.

    • Tara Qistina
      May 17, 2017 11:03 am

      I think that’s quite rude, you should not base a sector of a religion off its people but rather what it teaches. Everyone can have misconceptions and it’s our job to fix these, even Shias have misconceptions. Please be mindful and think before you make such comments.

  • Muslim Khorasani
    August 4, 2016 12:09 am

    Poor article…

  • Kartobobo Bobo
    June 30, 2016 5:54 am

    its all triggered by syrian war,where a minority shia kill and bombed the majority sunni just because they want the power..and the article are not meant for unity..but…”IM WRIGHT,YOU WRONG”kind of article

  • My mother’s a Shia and my father’s a Sunni, and i can vouch that these really are misconceptions. However, these misconceptions are based on very real extremist Shia clerics who preach hate against non shias. But this isn’t unique to shiaism. There are extremist clerics in other sects too. Once you cut to the chase, and listen to sensible, moderate and open minded people in each sect, they all practice the same founding principles of Islam.

  • Syed Shaheen Naqvi
    May 3, 2016 6:57 am

    Simple Reply to Friends ..

    قُلْ يَا أَيُّهَا الْكَافِرُونَ ، لَا أَعْبُدُ مَا تَعْبُدُونَ ، وَلَا أَنتُمْ عَابِدُونَ مَا أَعْبُدُ ، وَلَا أَنَا عَابِدٌ مَّا عَبَدتُّمْ ، وَلَا أَنتُمْ عَابِدُونَ مَا أَعْبُدُ ، لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ

    let the gudgemnt day come … let HIM decide … we are just humans, leave it for Allah to decide.


  • All the video here are by shia clerics telling stories about their deviation from the true path of Islam. These are their words when they are with each others. When they are with other Muslims, they lie to deceive them. All you have to do to know the shia faith is watching what the shia say in their videos. I think this is fair enough.

  • Watch: A shia celebration in cursing the companions of the prophet and his wives:

    • Bahlool AbuTurab
      May 24, 2016 8:56 pm

      Lol the one to the left is a wahabi who was condemned for beeing homosexuall good that you follow such scholars;) And the one to the right is not a SHIA he is the follower of Ahmed al Hassan a man who has different beliefs from shias. Man you suck :)

      • I understand that you need someone to explain everything for you. Forget about the man on the right and the man on the left. The video shows Yasser Al Habeeb holding a ceremony cursing the wife of the prophet and his companion. That’s what I wanted people to see moron.

      • I thought shia do not have a problem with homosexuality. As far as I know, Khomeini used to take it up the ass.

        • watch the language please. that video shows nothing but your TRY to vilify shia. that’s not shia. study more about it ;-)

  • Watch: A shia cleric says: visiting the shrine of Hussein is like visiting Allah:

  • Watch: A shia cleric says “The prophet cannot cross the sirat (the path on top of hell) unless he gets a document from Ali”:

  • Shia cleric says: Aisha killed the prophet:

  • Watch. Shia cleric says: ” If you want to get your car fixed, curse Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and Muawayah:

  • Watch. Shia cleric cursing the companions of the prophet and his wives in congregation prayer:

  • Watch. Shia cleric says: Quran was revealed to Ali before it was revealed to the prophet:

  • Watch. A shia cleric says “the people of the house are better from all the prophets and but for the people of the house, Allah wouldn’t have existed”:

  • Watch what the shia say about Ali. Pure shirk:


  • For everyone, please watch the best 10 minutes about the shia:

  • Watch a famous shia cleric accusing Aisha of adultery after Allah exonerated her in the Quran.

  • The level of hate on this thread is incredible.

    To the shia brothers/sisters:
    “Once you realize your opponent is not willing to accept the truth, you’re not just wasting your time, it’s a sin to continue arguing.”
    -Sayed M. Modaressi

    And it is a sin to continue arguing because it will result in aggravation of negativity. Just agree to disagree and pray that Allah guides us all.

  • The comments are really disappointing. Anyhow, get your facts right and clear about Hazrat Ali who was declared as the only ‘Janisheen’ of Hazrat Muhamad(s.a.w.s) on the last pilgrimage of Prophet. ‘Mein Ali sey hun, aur Ali Mujh sey hai.’ The jealousy and anger was outrageous of many people, that day. Hazrat Ali had to be crowned as the caliph but he laid his decision encountering the brutality and injustice by some people who called themselves Muslims.
    I do not say Shia is the best religion but when Prophet said ‘Man kun tou Mola Fahazun Ali Mola’ tou ham kon hotey hain Bhai?
    #ILoveAllah #ILoveMuhammad #IloveAhlybayt

    • Listen sister. What you say is what the shia clerics are preaching, but is it Islam? The answer is definitely not. Hazrat Ali was a courageous and fearless person who, as your sources say, carried the gate of Khaibar and took it as a shield, a person who was unmatched in the battlefield, yet he not only gave allegiance to Abu Bakr and Omar, as mentioned in your sources also, but married his daughter to Omar whom you consider a kafer. I am confused here. Why does the infallible and immensely powerful cousin of the prophet give allegiance to Abu Bakr and marry his daughter to Omar who you consider kuffar (disblievers)? Was he afraid of him? Was he a coward? or was he in good terms with Abu Bakr and Omar and the the shia clerics are misleading their people?
      The shia say that Imamah is a pillar of Islam like prayer and fasting and even more important (I can provide you with sources if you need). If this is the case, why is there no mention at all of Imamah in the Quran? The Quran mentioned all kind of things. The people of the Cave, the people of the ditch, the people of the garden and several stories of the prophet and does not mention the most important thing in religion which is Imamah. Don’t you find this intriguing?
      Like most of the shia, you don’t know much about what you shia scholars say. Do you know that your scholars say that the Quran is incomplete and there is another Quran called Quran Fatima which contains 17000 verse (the Quran we know contains around 6000 verses). If you are really a follower of Hazrat Ali, if you are as courageous as he was, you would leave shia faith right now.
      Please sister, download this book and read it. Judge for yourself. Everything in that book is documented from the shia sources:

      • Syed Shaheen Naqvi
        May 3, 2016 6:53 am

        Dude ,, your way of advertising the book is good ..

      • Zulfiqar haider
        April 18, 2017 1:53 pm

        Get ypur facts right brother.you are mistaken and a victim of false propaganda.i am a shia muslim and i know this sort of accustions what you are imposing is a clear lie….as you mention ali as gave alligiance to abubakr a clear lie and umme kulsoom married to umar again a fabricated lie.yes this is truth that umme kulsoom was the wife of umar.but was there only one umme kulsoom..and as you said imaamat is not mention in quraan although it is mention…but as if you say it is not in the quran then where is the khilafat in quraan if we are misguided all the muslim brother are misguided….pls correct your fact learn something…the accusations should be based on facts not fabricated claims….

    • By the way, the story you are talking about did not happen in pilgrimage. It happened near a stream mid-way between Makka and Madina. Those who witnessed it were the residents of Madina who were travelling with the prophet. Why do you think would the prophet leave declaring Ali as his caliph in the pilgrimage where all the muslims from everywhere could witness and say it to a group of people going back to Madinah? Shouldn’t an important matter like this be declared in pilgrimage not “on the way from pilgrimage”? What’s more important that the caliphate of Ali to discuss or Arafaa sermon? Could you send me the actual words of the prophet in the Hadith? and please watch the videos and see how the shia clerics took Ali from a relative to the prophet and his son in law to being a God.

    • stop this bullshit whether you are suuni shia wahabi or wat eva…. Anyways Miss Fatima Maula used in the hadith is obviuosly in arabic origin and it means “”patron” or friend not “”Master ” as in Urdu . SO u all stop the bidat and exploiting hadith and ayats to prove your point

  • For those who want to know what the shia clerics are hiding from their followers, please download this book. Every thing in it is documented from the books of the shia themselves:

  • do shia’s hate abubakar, umar and usman ?

  • Anyone who doubts the faith other Muslim brothers isn’t a Muslim him/her self. But the point I want to make to my Shia friends is a different one. I feel that Shia community is better equipped than the rest of the Muslim Umma to deal with it. Its because you have a leadership and a hierarchy.
    a. There is a dire need for a TV, Radio, News service and Internet site that would actively tell the world and preach to member of community that your community has rescinded violence as a tool for change of any kind, in any country forever. That your community will not tolerate such violence against anyone, Muslims or non-Muslims. That if anyone your community members become aware of any such plans or preaching by anyone that such individuals be reported to authorities without fear or delay.
    b. That all Muslims be the keepers of their fellow citizens and humans. Quranic passages approving or exhorting violence against non-believers do not apply to the modern times. Because non-Muslims are using such passages to agitate against Muslims of all stripes.
    c. That Muslims wish nothing but peace to all humanity. We pray for all of humanity and divine guidance for them.
    d. Any Muslim who rescinds his or her Islamic faith is free to do so and shall not be subject to any harm whatsoever. Whoever proposes, or acts to harm or even breeds ill will against Muslim apostates is not a Muslim at all. Muslims pray for divine guidance for all and compulsion is not part of Muslim faith.

    For additional ideas please visit Newageislam.org

  • this is the best taqiyah i have ever read! shias have nothing at all to do with islam. Their religion was created after the declaration of baghdad of 1011 ad as a means of preventing the fatimids conquering the abbasid empire and lessening their potential influence among the buwahids. Likewise, the term sunni was created by the shia to say: “well, we’re another branch of islam as the sunnis” no sunni should refer to him or herself as a sunni but as a muslim otherwise shias have the oxygen they seek to call themselves as muslims in front of naive people or non-muslims. the shia are a completely different religion with different practises as such as weeping in muharram, taqiya and mu’tah. shias are not muslims. the problem is the media has such a warped impression of islam that shias crawl into the media’s attention by saying “we’re a different type of muslims” brothers and sisters don’t fall for the shia trap. To my dear shia readers, all I would say is you are welcome to become muslims the same way ali ra hussain ra hasan ra osman ibn ali were muslims and certainly not shias.

  • Why have you written a defensive article on school of Ahlulbayt? Instead all others schools should be asking why is it that they don’t love and respect Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) like Shia do. We are the only ones proving and believing that he was a literate, intelligent and educated man. Others need to explain why they don’t follow Ahlulbayt when Quran and Prophets hadith made it explicitly clear to do so. Others need to explain why they support people’s and institutions that led to criminal and oppressive acts against Ahlulbayt in the immediate aftermath of prophets departure. The school of Ahlulbayt is only lowering the level of the infallible Ahlulbayt by coming down to the level of their enemies.

  • This is also very informative. Subtitle is provided

  • For those who do not know enough about the shia, please watch the video

  • Who said that these are misconceptions? All the above mentioned are mostly facts and I can prove every single one of them from the books of the Shia themselves. So if you are a shia reader and you believe that a certain point is a misconception, all you need to do is ask me for evidence, and I would gladly give you what you want.
    You also missed that the shia say that:
    — Abu Baker, Omar, the successors of the prophet, and the majority of the companions of the prophet became apostates after the death of the prophet
    — The shia say that Ayasha and Hafsa, the wives of the prophet, became apostate and are among the people of Hell.
    — Shia believe that lying to the non-shia is not only permissible, but desirable as well.

    • Wait. What?
      I am a Shia Muslim, and I was never taught these things, and never heard these things. Give me the evidence, Complete references to authentic books.

      • I’m sure you weren’t taught these things my friend. It does not mean they do not exist though. I attaching a link to a useful book that will reveal to you what the shia clerics are hiding from you. Download it and tell me what you think:

    • i am not a shia but this is funny Im reading this for the first time that shia’s think they should lie to non-shia’s ……dude wtf ! wtf ! wtf ! where did you get this ….someone has really done a good job at brain washing you ….lying is not allowed in any state whoever they may be

      • You’re right lying is prohibited in any belief system, but it’s not in the Shia faith. It is called Taqiyyah which is practically dissimulation.
        According to Shia scholars, Imam Ja`far As-Sadiq said, “Nine tenths of faith is dissimulation. Whoever denies it has no faith.” (Al-Kulaynî, Al-Usûl Al-Kâfî, vol: 2, p. 217, 223)
        In Al-I`tiqâdât Al-Imâmîyyah, pp. 114-115, Ibn Babawayh Al-Qummi said, “Dissimulation is an obligation that cannot be lifted before the return of the Imam.4 Whoever abandons it before the Imam’s return has abandoned the religion of Allah, Exalted be He, and the religion of the Shias, and has disobeyed Allah, His Messenger, and the Imams.”
        I can get you scores of more quotations from their books if you want. Otherwise, you can google it yourself.

        • Google it???? that show how foolish and ignorant you are. Since when Google has become an Islamic authority? hey dude your problem is something else. YOU are in the business of NEFAAGH or divisiveness. I personally think you stink for insisting on your mean, ridiculous claims that does not warrant any further time and effort to respond too.

          • You said about me “foolish, ignorant, nefaagh, you stink, ridiculous”. Is this your best shot? You know what this means. It means that you are in denial. The truth is not sweet, but it sets you free.
            You never answered my questions though. How come the courageous, powerful and fearless Imam, Hazrat Ali, may Allah be please with him, marry his daughter to what you describe as kaafer who does not believe in the walayah of the people of the house and a person who you described as worse than the devil himself? Would you marry your daughter to Omar had he been alive?
            Again Ali gave allegiance to Abu Bakr who you also describe as kaafer, how come the infallible Imam Hazrat Ali not only accept that the umah is rules by a kaafer ruler, but goes and gives him allegiance? Was he afraid from Abu Bakr? Was he afraid from Omr?. I don’t believe so. I believe that your shia clerics are lying on you. I believe you are not following Islam, but rather following your clerics. Again, please read this book if you want to know the truth. If you choose to trust your faith to your clerics , it is your call.

          • I have read enough of the “books” that you’re recommending and I believe they STINK like YOU because they are in the business of NEFAGH. First an foremost I trust in the Holy Quran. It is my best proof that people like you are MONAFEGHS and try their best to sow discord among Muslims in collaboration with enemy forces, led by the British government agents. Secondly, you expect ME to believe you and your falsehood over what you describe as MY clerics????? and HOW do you know WHO my CLERICS are??????????? YOU are committing a BIG sin by judging ALL Shi’as to believe in on group of clerics that happen to be in you foolish brain. I have MANY Sunni friends that are much more knowledgeable and devout that YOU and your likes but have never questioned my beliefs though were regularly discuss our minor differences. WHAT Islam is all about is first and foremost the holy Quran which clearly states: Hold to the rope of Allah and DO NOT pursue divisiveness, do Not judge one another!!! Take heed from Allah, His Messenger and those most knowledgeable (and submissive to God) among you. IS THAT what YOU are doing??????
            BY the way, NONE of MY clerics have ever described Abubakr as Kafer. Maybe yours have. But based on even Sunni Ahadith on the conducts of Abubakr and Omar, I personally do not believe for one minutes that they were among the Best and the most loyal to the Prophet (PBUH). I am more than willing to argue with any honest Sunni brother my firm belief in this FACT, based on well-established ahadis and the Qur’an. Even if we don’t agree on a common conclusion, I still respect my brother in Islam and hold him dear as a fellow Muslim who believe in Allah and the Qur’an and NOT try to judge him and accuse him of being “KAFER” like YOU are doing.
            Don’t try to fool anyone here because you arguments and demeanor are shouting out loud that you are NOT real Muslim. Even you name is FAKE like your foolish ideas.

          • Again you’re describing me as “munafeeq” and you said that I “stink”. A little creativity here, man. You said that the previous time. Yet, you did not answer my questions and you cannot answer my questions:
            [How come the courageous, powerful and fearless Imam, Hazrat Ali, may Allah be please with him, marry his daughter to what you describe as kaafer who does not believe in the walayah of the people of the house and a person who you described as worse than the devil himself? Would you marry your daughter to Omar had he been alive?
            Again Ali gave allegiance to Abu Bakr who you also describe as kaafer, how come the infallible Imam Hazrat Ali not only accept that the umah is rules by a kaafer ruler, but goes and gives him allegiance? Was he afraid from Abu Bakr? Was he afraid from Omar?]
            And since you verbal abused me, I will publish some material you may find interesting. Let’s have fun:

          • Think twice before you say anything you would regret. I refined myself from saying anything bad UNTIL NOW.

          • You called yourself a Kaafer NOT me! You are a lair as well!!! which is quite typical of a monaafeq. I don’t need to answer your stupid questions which have NOTHING to do with the issue of the discussion here. AND you did NOT answer ANY of my questions!!! That proves that you indeed STINK and are an enemy to Islam. So get lost and don’t tire yourself pushing your anti-Shia propaganda here… because I have much better things to do than waste my time with your garbage links and videos you Zionist stooge! I am sure other respected individuals frequenting this great web site will ignore you as well.

          • See guys. This is the true face of the Shia. I got him citations from his books documenting the deviation of Shia from true Islam Does he respond to the argument? No, he said the books stink. I got him videos of Shia clerics accusing our mother the wife of our prophet Aisha of adultery. I got him videos of of Shia clerics saying that Ali is God!!! video of Shia cleric cursing Abu Bakr and Omar. What do I get for opening his eyes to the truth? Verbal abuses. This is a typical Shia response. They always recourse to abuse and violence when they face real logic. Do you still believe that the above mentioned are misconceptions? Does anyone want to subscribe to that faith? I guess not.

          • Do u talking about Umm Kulthum bint Ali,it is wrong,we will prove it since,Umer’s daughter, Hafsa was a wife of Prophet Muhammad MHMD. This makes Hafsa the Step-mother of Hz Fatima and the Step-Grandmother of UmmeKalthum, the daughter of Ali and Fatima. Do you know what this means? It makes Umer the Step-Great Grandfather of UmmeKalthum. The sunnis claim the daughter of Ali married her Great Grandfather? Is such sort of marriage allowed in Islam, please prove from the Quran.Ortherwise,accept that he did against islamic rule.
            Historical evidences show that Hazrat Fatima ( May Allah bless her ) passed away 6 month after the demise of his father,
            Her father – Allah bless him and greet him.

            and thus her date of death was in the year 11 Hijri, and that Umm Kulthum, daughter of Ali was born in the year 9 Hijri. Sahih al-Bukhari, Arabic-English Version, Tardition 5.546 – Anwarul Hussania, v3, p39
            The above reference to al-Bukhari contains nothing about Umm Kulthum. Rather, al-Bukhari narrates in his Tarikh al-Saghir (1:102) – like everyone else – that Umm Kulthum had married `Umar. As for her date of birth is it is 6 Hijri as cited above.

            Then how is it possible for Umm Kulthum to be born after the death of Hazrat Fatima (as) if the Sunnis claim that she was married to Omar in the year 17 Hijri at an age of 4 or 5 years, that would put the date of birth as 12 or 13 Hijri, which is long after the death of her mother?!
            The Sunnis do not claim that she was 4 or 5 in the year 17 but 11 or 12.

            Sunni historical evidence shows that Umm Kulthum (the so-called wife of Umar) died before 50 Hijri, since Imam Hasan (as), Abdullah ibn Umar and Sa’ad bin Abi Waqs offered the funeral prayers.

        • Bahlool AbuTurab
          May 24, 2016 8:55 pm

          So Ammar bin Yassir, he was a liar when he used Taqqiya to hide his belief? Taqqiya is so that you and your kind dont kill shias, thats why your kind blow yourself up and kill shias all the time

      • Download this book and find out yourself about the shia faith:

  • The misconception is very much on the part of the writer. The gravest of all Shia crimes against Sunni Muslims is to conspire and side with the Judo-Christian invaders to kill and dislodge millions of Sunni Muslims from their countries and homes. Even previously siding with the Crusaders in invading Muslim lands in eight different Crusade wars! There is no misconception in this; just look at what the Shia have and are doing in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

    The second Shia problem is that they accuse Aysha – the Prophet’s wife – of adultery, and insult the Prophet companions and claim that they are disbelievers. Most of our Islamic faith was narrated to us by Aysha, Abu Horiarah and the other companions. Where is the misconception in these facts from Shia books?

    Thirdly the Shia are different sects, so which of those sects is he defending? Some are less troubled than others, but for example: The Ismaeilies – followers of the Aghakhan – worship Ali, all you need is to read their books to know of their disbelief.

    • Sumayya Betty Williamson
      April 16, 2016 7:48 pm

      I have may Shia friends and not once have I heard the talk bad about Aisha,may Allah be pleased with her,

      • You’re in for a surprise, Why don’t you ask them about “Aisha, Abu Bakr and Omar” Shia believe that they all became kufar together with the majority of the companions of the prophet after his death. I can get you tens of citations from their publications, Listen to one of them accusing Aisha of adultery after Allah exonerated her in the Quran!!

  • Abdullah Abdulaziz
    April 16, 2016 1:48 am

    I’m impressed but I have a question
    Why do Shia Hates sahaba when rasool allah said my sahaba are like stars and god himself gave them razi allah hu tala title..?

    • Because it is not necessary that every sahaba is good.. there are few bad and good ones.. So it is not like that shias hate sahabaas… actually the fact is.. shia hate bad sahabas and like the good ones….

      • Muhammad Waziri
        April 16, 2016 7:01 am

        So, which ones are the bad sahaba and what makes them bad?

        • I would not like to point out someone as it will result in hatred. But here is a very good writing from which you can get the idea about what I am talking about. With the help of Quran and Hadith the writer has tried to explain about bad sahabas and what makes them bad..

          • Salam Alaikum, even if some sahabas were bad, it’s not for us to judge. It’s like saying Prophet Adam was bad because he ate the fruit thus we should not believe in him. Quran 17:36; and 49:12 made it clear that we are all responsible for OUR Deen individually. The problem in Islam is that everyone wants propagate is own ways of worship by writing books and stuff, on FALSE understanding. Forgetting that they may held accountable for every soul their articles misled. You were not alive then, so on whose account or judgment is a Sahaba labelled “BAD”? I will be happy to see an authentic Hadith where the Prophet (saw) warned his followers about potential bad sahabas.

          • http://submission.org/Prophets_Sahaba.html

            Here is the answer of your question. Do have a look on it.

        • Whenever I’m upset, I curse Yazid or Mu’awayiah.

          • Muhammad Waziri
            April 16, 2016 3:24 pm

            Just cuz u r upset. Or do you have a better reason?

          • When I’m upset or I want to channel any negative energy. Can you think of more contemptible figures in Islamic history? Ok, maybe ibn Taymiyah, but he’s a hack.

  • Asalaam Aalikum,

    A good article, however what the belief is and what the actual practice is vastly different. You say Shias only ask Allah, then why do they always say Ya Ali.

    Secondly, you should also clarify the Kalima, and finally where no doubt the sacrifice of Imam Hussain and his followers is a very tragic part of history, there is no requirement in the religion for Matam and Azadari.
    These are all cultural practices largely observed by Hindus and now adopted by Shia Muslims since the last 300+ years.

    And May Allah guide us all as we are the same.

    • Abdullah Abdulaziz
      April 16, 2016 1:49 am

      Actually there is only one sect in Shia that believe that it’s the imam that control the universe and everything
      Most of them don’t.

    • The belief and the actual practise has always been different. If we judge Islam via practise of ISIS than we will conclude exactly opposite of truth. I want to say that dont judge any sect on the basis of the action of its followers instead read books and protocols and belief of that sect and than judge it.

      Now about the asking help from respectable personalities that is our prophet and imams.. here is the link to get the overview: http://www.marefateahlebait.com/know-the-ahlul-bait/asking-help-from-imam

      And about the azadari… you may say it is merely a ritual or practice if u conculde from the action of people.. but it has a great philosophy behind it and a profound reason why it is given so much importance. This may help: https://youtu.be/4CZwxkvigI4

      • Thank you for reply, and I fully endorse reading books by authentic and knowledgeable scholars, however that is not what is done by Shia majority otherwise there would be no matam and also a break in the Kalama and many other practices like Nazar etc.

        May Allah guide us all

      • I left you some interesting material above so as to know your religion.

  • Tariq Abdussamad
    April 15, 2016 8:31 pm

    As Salaamu Alaikum….do the Shia revile Abu Bakr, Uthman and Umar may Allah be pleased with them? JazakaAllah Khair.

    • Shias don’t revile them.. but shia do spread the truth.. and whatever it may be… it is in hadith that accept the truth even if it may be against your own self. So shias propagate what they have found in history as it is. Now for some it may be negative and for some it may be positive. But in no sense they intend to insult those personality. They propagate whatever the fact is with all due respect. Pls don’t generalise all the shias on the basis of few who insults the respectable personality of other sects. We have clear Fatwa of our Mujtahid that doing any kind of action which hurts the other sect or people is Haram.