Modest fashion company launch non-profit initiative to cater for Hajj 2017

They’re well designed, light weight and come in all sizes

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They’re well designed, light weight and come in all sizes

Verona Collection is a leading online Modest Fashion brand based in the UK and USA. Verona Collection offers high quality, fashionable and affordable clothing for women. As well as Hijabs, modest tops and dresses, Verona has a range of modest activewear, swimwear and formal wear.

This year, they have launched a new product which will ease the Hajj rituals for women; the ihram collection. Ihram is the attire worn by men and women during Hajj and Umrah. It needs to be white, to ensure everyone is dressed as equals and needs to be lightweight in order to be suitable for the hot Arabian climate in Saudia Arabia.

Last year, when one of the company directors, Hassan Mawji, went for Hajj himself, many people approached him and said that the Verona Collection needs to start producing women’s ihrams. “They’re so difficult to get hold of!” He carried out some research and found that it was very true and that it was indeed difficult to find women’s ihrams. Most people tend to either tailor their own interpretation of ihrams or make do with alternatives of what they can find in stores or from altering men’s dishdasha’s, thobes. And so he made the intention at Hajj last year to produce a new range and to make them available to Hajj groups for free in the first year and made at cost price thereafter, in an attempt to make this a non-profit initiative by Verona Collection.

About the product

The product is now ready and the team will be taking orders for Hajj 2018, in order for them to be made and delivered in time. It will come in multiple sizes, and runs larger than average, to allow for comfort and modest dressing. The material is lightweight and practical, perfect for the hot weather conditions in Saudi Arabia. The team truly believes people will benefit from these ihrams, as they have been customised to suit both religious requirements and weather-friendly. After the positive responses they’ve had so far, they will be made accessible to all in time for Hajj 2018.

And they’d love to hear from you!

The team are open to feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on the ihrams and what they found missing from any ihram’s they may have used in the past. Please note that the ihrams have not yet been listed on the website, but you may contact the team here for more information and to order yours.

(Featured image photo credit: Charles Hodges)

“Great quality ihram’s by Verona. The trousers are especially nice with elastic ankle cuffs.” – Gulzar

“I was fretting about where to get my clothes for hajj and most places I looked at were either uncomfortable or the wrong fit. The design, material and fit of the ihram is perfect and I would highly recommend it to other sisters. It’s taken a huge weight off my shoulders so thank you very much.” – Samar

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