American Capitol – The Irreversible Effects

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The US will become more dangerous, as the new administration will seek to please the far-right, which although will shrink with the Biden administration compared to Trump’s tenure, has nevertheless garnered a huge base in American society and simply cannot be ignored.  

Without a doubt, America before the 6th of January will not be the same after, and the clock will not go back. The recent storming of the US Capitol by pro-Trump mobs and the deafening response of the country’s security forces have only unveiled to the world, and confirmed the reality of the US establishments fragility and weakening power – an establishment otherwise notorious for its false monopoly over other nations, granting them lessons on so-called ‘American values’, whilst holding them hostage to their interests.

Indeed, the recent escalations will yield serious repercussions that are to be witnessed domestically and abroad, notably the decrease in prestige and weakening powerbase of the US.

The extended legacy of the US has only proven that the sample of this ‘Democratic movement’, seeking to promote certain values to the world such as ‘Democracy’, ‘Independence’ and ‘Egality’, are simply distractions and rather excuses given to cover up their dangerous foreign policies, that are rooted in sheer manipulation and oppression – hence are guaranteed to fail and backfire. 

How can a government, that cannot defend its own people and its own symbol, muster the strength to reign over other countries? It has been spelled out to the nations of this world, that if rioters have the ability to assault the symbol of American democracy – the Capitol, then the hegemonic ruling power – incapable of controlling its own Capitol, surely cannot dictate the rules of engagement on an international scale. Indeed, as Trump himself once said, “we have spent $7 trillion in the Middle East and we’ve got nothing for it. Nothing, less than nothing, as far as I’m concerned”. 

Indeed, the motto of Trump’s campaign, ‘Let’s make America great again’, merely illustrates the vulnerability of the US, which is threatened and exposed for its invasion of other nations sovereignty and fears it is nearing its demise, hence wishes to be resurrected again. 

You may be wondering how the world’s largest economy and military state has allowed for this rioting to occur at the heart of the US government, whilst it is unable to handle such trouble that it can capably prevent in a second? 

The reality is that such upheaval simply masks the truth of the American establishment, that cannot protect its institutions due to the internal voids deep within the establishment, that allows for this easy breakthrough and chaos to manifest. 

The reality is that these disturbances only signify the beginning of what is to come – that is the eventual downfall of the capitalist empire, currently seeking to absorb the voids in the deep establishment; albeit the process may be slow, as the capitalist system seeks to renew itself with time and through the process of ‘democracy’. 

This moment is not a spontaneous one, it is certainly a culmination of the ills of the society that has been sparked with the recent events, manifesting itself in a disorderly manner; ills simply reflecting the deep state that is plagued with corruption, racism, white supremacy, lust, and greed for amassing power at all costs, hence the establishment itself is unable to absorb the situation. 

It is enough to see pictures depicting over 2000 uniformed personnel deployed at the Capitol building, who were not interested in trying to stop the mob entering the building, with pictures circled on social media of policemen taking “selfies” with protestors; other pictures show officers literally opening the doors of the building for the pro-Trump protestors to enter. America has a history of the police empathising with white supremacist paramilitary groups and this is clearly not something new. 

Indeed, recent elections revealed the extent to which the state is vertically divided in the middle. As the president-elect is struggling to reach his office, and with all current efforts focused on Trump’s impeachment, this vertical crack will only penetrate further, considering Trumps strong base of +70 million that reflect the record-high levels of far-right fascism, fuelled by the white supremacists and armed lobbies conducting these riots.

At the same time, the US itself will become more dangerous, as the new administration will seek to please the far-right, which although will shrink with the Biden administration compared to Trump’s tenure, has nevertheless garnered a huge base in American society and simply cannot be ignored.    

No doubt, Trumps erratic and contradictive policies whilst in office that have sown discord, war, and unrest on the outside have fuelled the far-right inside, and such narcissistic ‘America First’, to Iran and China’s foreign policy, are what have fed such changes; indeed, the effects of such policies are bound to reverse and backfire. 

Moreover, the recent disturbances are bound to affect US foreign policy in two directions: namely, distracting attention from what is happening at home, through the invention of foreign threats, in the bid to unify the internal ranks; the other, more notable effect is the weakening prestige and external control of the US.  

It has reached the point where former Republican President George Bush himself recently stated, “this is how election results are disputed in a banana republic”. Without a doubt, America has been fundamentally weakened on the international stage, which has only resulted from its ideological structure that is contradictive and hence it cannot possibly be an example to others, especially as it has proven incapable of protecting its own institutions and people. This will most certainly weaken America’s allies abroad and shake their confidence from beneath, whilst encouraging the dictators to hold onto their power. 

It is only a matter of time before this power vacuum is to be filled by other powers that are waiting to occupy the chair on the international scene, whilst the recent events have paved the way to help form a new world order, away from American hegemony.

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